Player Fees and Financial Policies for Youth Teams

2017 - 2018 PLAYER FEES

Age Group Annual Fee* Deposit Monthly Payment**
U6 (2012) $500 $164 $56
U7 (2011) $500 $164 $56
U8 (2010) $850 $250 $100
U9 (2009) $1205 $287 $153
U10 (2008) $1205 $287 $153
U11 (2007) $1499 $353 $191
U12 (2006) $1499 $353 $191
U13 (2005) $1599 $363 $206
U14 (2004) $1599 $363 $206
U11 (2007) $2000 $560 $240
U12 (2006) $2000 $560 $240
U13 (2005) $2050 $560 $247
U14 (2004) $2050 $560 $247
U15 (2003) $2000 $560 $240
U16 (2002) $2000 $560 $240
U17 (2001) $2000 $560 $240
U18 (2000) $1395 $345 $175
U19 (1999) $1395 $345 $175
U15 (2003) - FALL ONLY $495 $195 $50
U15 (2003) $1120 $316 $134
U16 (2002) $1120 $316 $134
U17 (2001) $1120 $316 $134
U18 (2000) $1120 $316 $134
U19 (1999) $1120 $316 $134
* This fee is if you pay in full.  There is a convenience fee added if montly payments are elected.
** Monthly payments are based on six payments and do not include the convenience fee which is an added charge for this option.

For deposits paid prior to August 1, monthly payments will begin August 1. For deposits paid after July 31, monthly payments shall begin on the monthly anniverary of the payment of the deposit.  There shall be six monthly payments for all deposits paid prior to December 1.  Accounts must be paid in full prior to April 30 so any deposit paid after October 30 shall have the number of monthly payments reduced accordingly.  

Crew SC Player Development Financial Policies

Fee Payment

Upon acceptance of a roster spot, a parent or guardian must register their player on the appropriate team. A payment is required to confirm your spot. Fees may be paid in full or with a deposit and payment plan. Please note that a 1% payment plan convenience fee will be charged for the installment payment plan. Subsequent payments will be automatically billed to the credit card used when registering. If you decide to cancel the recurring transaction and make alternative payments you must notify the director of operations by clicking here. It will take 3 to 5 business days to process the cancellation request and there will be a $25 administrative fee. Failure to make appropriate payments could result in the player being asked to leave the program.

Update Credit Card Information

Please log into your account to update your credit card information.

Multiple Player Family Discounts

Families with multiple children (with the same last name) can take advantage of the following discounts:

First child (highest fees) – Full fee must be paid.
Second child (next highest fees) – 10% discount on respective fees.
Third child (third highest fees) – 25% discount on respective fees.
Fourth, fifth or more children will have their fees waived.

Discounts will be evenly divided across your monthly payments and after the deposit for all players have been made.  Discounts shall be applied at the time it becomes applicable - discounts will not be retroactve and applied towards past payments.  Multi-player discounts will be applied after scholarships or other fee discounts.

To take advantage of the discounts, please click here.


Refunds and Cancelations

When a team is formed and a player registers for the team, the players is making a commitment that is expected to last for the entire club year.  If after the team is formed a player withdraws, it places the remaining players at a disadvantage. In some cases, the team may fall short of the required number of players to remain registered with the league. Players and families are expected to give serious consideration to this commitment when they register and commit to a team. Therefore, based on these factors our refund policies are as follows: 

  • For players who withdraw from a team voluntarily after registration - no refund is given nor are subsequent monthly payments canceled.

  • For players who withdraw due to injury (and can produce verification from a doctor) or family relocation - refunds are available and any refund or monthly fee adjustment will be pro-rated and/or adjusted accordingly.

Scholarship Application  - DUE BY JULY 1

We make every effort to help families having financial hardship so their child can continue to play soccer. This application must be completed and returned to us upon acceptance of a roster spot and payment of player fee deposit to be considered for a scholarship. This process is confidential. Scholarship request must be received by July 1 for full consideration.

Please click here to fill out a scholarship application.

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